I confessed Christ at the age of 7, knowing exactly what I was doing. There were some family issues I was dealing with that were not pleasing, so therefore I took God as my refuge. I started declaring a life of love, and loved everyone and everything. This lifestyle kept me in transit and as I got older I was always changing people, places and things. Eventually, at the age of 40, the enemy attacked. All that was good was now bad. I had a mental breakdown. My mind was in over load!!! Returning to Norfolk in 1996 broken and discourged, I had to let my family see the downside of my life. They didn’t know how to comfort me! I tried everything but GOD. I became hopeless and homeless. Under the anointing and encouragement of Pastor Brown I came to the shelter of FBCBB in 2004. FBCBB is my home church. My grandmother and mother were members and I still have alot of family here. This experience was very humbling. God began to raise me out of my brokeness and began delivering me from my mess. This ministry heals and delivers!!! As good as I was about being bad, I’m bad about being good now!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

~ Joan Johnson ~
Former Love-Unlimited Ministries
Program Director

This is my way of saying “Thanks” to all of the staff at Love-Unlimited Ministries and for having them in my life. Just to say what ”
God” has done here, is what this city needs to look at from all ends. My eyes are looking up and my heart is working off of love, because of what they have given me here.

~ Ricky P. ~

My testimony on paper is like this. I was apart of this church a few years ago but with deaths in my family and me in jail, I lost my faith with God. But when I heard they were opening their homeless shelter program I came back to them. With all the love all the staff provided and the constant giving of the Word of God, I have given my life to the Lord over again. What I’m trying to say is, I thank this church for the love and caring. Because of them I have had another look on life. Thank you for all your help.

~ Michael Day

Someone had the vision, to help people like me
Then written on blue the answers came, with JESUS as the key
People caring who you are, and not giving a handout
Helping redefine your self-respect and teaching us not to doubt
Believe in JESUS and the blood, this way you can’t go wrong
Thank you JESUS, praise the LORD, Love
Unlimited helped me stay strong. I love you all my Family
God bless and keep this ministry alive.

~ Gloria Moore ~

I came to Love Unlimited just to see what would happen, But I can say it is for real. They have love for everyone. I am really glad that I came to this church. The people have love for you. God is the one that lead me here and I will never forget this Church. Lorenzo Midgette
Dear people of faith and love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Here at First Baptist Church Bolling Brook has been very good to me. My name is Larry Brooms, I am homeless for now. Since I have been in this shelter, I have been shown much needed love and kindness. And for that, I am truly gratefull to the Loving and caring people of First Baptist of Bolling Brook. I hope to show them and others the same like kindness, as I go on and prosper. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray these things to be true.

~ Larry Broom ~

My name is Lawrence Horton. I saw a flyer at the Salvation Army. I read the flyer and went to the bus top to meet Ms. Joan. They then took us to First Baptist of Bolling Brooke, where Love Unlimited operated. Through Love Unlimited I have learned to love myself and found God. I now look forward to going to church. The Devil was drove out of my life and I am now Drug Free for 25 days. I now live for the Lord.

~ Lawrence Horton ~

Being here is a way of saying you are Blessed and a chance is coming very soon. Your works in Jesus gave me a new life and now God wants us to live by His Law, and I want to walk in all His glory… Joan, a big thanks to you and Minister Johnson

~ Allen Tyler ~

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On Tuesday afternoon February 21, 2006 around 4 o’clock p.m. my daughter and I waited outside the doors of First Baptist of Bolling Brooke. We had been accepted into “The Love Unlimited Program”, temporary shelter for the homeless. Outside Sister Joan and Barbara greeted us with big smiles and a welcome. We were the first ones there on that day. Soon others started to arrive and we were introduced around and immediately we felt at home. Everyone fell in love with my daughter as she with him or her. We were spoiled rotten! It’s good feeling to know that people can all come together under various circumstances and rejoice in the name of Jesus. I’ve never experienced so much love, caring, understanding, empathy and patience from any family or friends. My daughter asked me “why can’t we just live here mommy?” On Sunday Feb. 26, 2006 I was uplifted again. I rededicated my life to Christ and joined the Church. I am now a proud member, and we have a new family and I know they will never ask us to leave. Therefore we shall never be homeless again. We love you always!!!

~ Flo and Jade ~

I have been just doing a lot of negative things every day for a year. One day I just didn’t have the nerve to end my life so I decided to live and go on. Then I stopped using drugs and other substances nine months ago. But I still had to build my life again and one day a friend asked me to come to a church with him and a program called Love Unlimited. I began to come back to the church each day and they began to work with me on rebuilding my life and going back out into the community as a whole person. They helped build my self-esteem and spirituality, and set me up with housing and also employment so I can become a productive person in the community.

~ Gerald Foster ~

Wow, Where do I start my experience with Love Unlimited was bitter sweet to say the least. What I mean by that is that I am the type of person who took responsibility for everything both good and bad that accrued in my life. Not giving the praise and honor to the one it belonged, My Father Jesus. I’ve come to understand my shortcomings and now realize I have within me the ability to overcome all things through God that strengthens me. I now have a place to call my own and a brighter tomorrow. Thanks to Ms. Joan and Love Unlimited.

~ Terry Bazemore ~

Never did I think that I would be homeless. Soon after Christmas I found myself just in that situation. Having been raised in an affluent family and having been given everything a child could desire, I was not ready to be homeless. Going from a good job, having all the things you need to having nothing and walking the streets never being able to rest was a shock to me. God began to teach me many lessons those first few weeks. I had never taken drugs or drank, I had a college education and had always held great jobs, yet here I was homeless. I soon came to find out that not everyone on the streets is there because of addictions or mental problems or because they are lazy. There are others such as myself who are there because of incidents in their lives that lead to being homeless. I felt like Job in my homeless situation. After much prayer and searching of my own life I could truly say there was nothing I had done to lead me here. God simply choose to order my events to lead me here. Later on I was to realize this was to bring me back to what He had called me to do, namely the ministry. I was saved at 15 and surrendered to God’s call upon my life to preach at 17. I attended school, even beginning seminary but because of various hardships in my life slowly drifted away from Him. God has beaten me down over the years and put me through the fire, ultimately stripping away family, friends and fortune. Through all this though I can truly say that God is gracious. God has used Love Unlimited and the witness of Pastor Brown, Sis. Joan, Minister Johnson and others to show me a love and form of ministry I never saw. Through them I have seen what it means to love God and in turn because of that love for God, to love your neighbor as yourself. Because of their love and devotion to God and others God has reignited a love for Him and the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sola Fide!

~ Scott Farmer ~ 

Patrick McClure (Click to see full image)

Anonymous (Click to see full image)

A Message from Ryan Speck, Pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church Columbia, Missouri

For over a year, I have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with the work of Love Unlimited. They have found housing for a large number of folks, and, in the process, they have acquainted them with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each one who works at Love Unlimited has great compassion for those in need and has a zeal to spread not only the shelter of physical housing but especially to see men, women, and children become members, living stones, in the Temple of the Spirit founded upon the Rock of Christ.

I have had the privilege of going behind Love Unlimited, entering the homes of those helped, reiterating the wonderful truths of the Gospel, and offering our church’s resources to continue helping them. In fact, it is the policy of Love Unlimited that each one helped sign a contract allowing such follow up. Those I have visited are warm and welcoming, having experienced the love of Christ already. They are receptive to hearing about Christ and His atoning death on the Cross. They have experienced the reality of that merciful death in the compassionate service of the members of Love Unlimited. It has been a pleasure to work with Love Unlimited, and I only hope there are more Christians showing the love of Christ to others, opening doors for the Gospel, as those Christians who work at Love Unlimited.

Ryan Speck,

Associate Pastor at Immanuel Presbyterian Church


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